Labour law

Labour law (also known as employment law) is a field of law that requires specialized knowledge. This is on the one hand due to the fact that the relevant regulations are not comprised in one codex, but spread over several bodies of law. But labour law is also closely related to other legal sources such as social and tax law. Moreover, labour law is heavily shaped by legal practice and is subject to constant changes. Mr. Jungkunz has extensive knowledge in the field of labour law and has several decades of experience representing employers and employees in and out of court.

Mr. Jungkunz competently answers questions regarding employment contracts, notices and warnings, termination of contracts, working hours, holiday regulation, change of contract, smoking at the workplace, protective regulations such as maternity protection or labour protection, job application, mobbing, payroll calculation etc. Consultation can be provided optionally in German, Bulgarian, English and Italian.

Mr. Jungkunz focuses on fields of labour law such as:

  • Work hours, part-time employment, temporary employment, limited term contracts
  • Remunerations and special payments, payment of outstanding wages and continued remuneration in case of sickness
  • Leave, parental leave and caregiver leave, maternity leave, holidays
  • Protective regulations, fiduciary duty and obligatory special care and post-accident care
  • Warnings and notices, termination of contract, mutual termination agreement
  • Certificates, work permits
  • Conflict in employment relations
  • Employers’ liability
  • Dispatching of workers
  • Restructuring, transfer of undertakings, company closing
  • Freelance workers, commercial representatives, pseudo-self-employment
  • workers’ co-determination
  • Labour-management contract
  • Restriction of competition

Mr. Jungkunz writes employment contracts that are tailored to individual requirements. If you have an employment contract and you would like to have it explained by a lawyer, we would be pleased to be at your service. All relevant legal documents can be explained in German, Bulgarian, English and Italian.

In the vast number of statuary provisions, only the basics of the employer-employee-relation are regulated. The concrete legal relationships in individual cases are determined by the employment contract between employer and employee. When there is a labour law dispute, Mr. Jungkunz verifies the individual labour contract and helps you resolve potential problems. Has your contract been terminated? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us. According to the provisions of the law you must take legal action against dismissal within three weeks. We will see to it that you receive an appointment with Mr. Jungkunz quickly so that you have the possibility to discuss and plan the necessary steps in a timely manner.

We offer advice on labor law issues at reasonable prices, tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients.